Wine und more...

The ENBIO oHG was created to fulfill the desires of those who want to enjoy
the true elegance of the genuine wine at any occasion,
even when alcohol is not an option. 

Uniting the best flavor traditions with the modern technologies and selecting the high quality wine
we have come to make the alcohol free wines that we are proud of. 

Blutul Alcohol Free Wines is a result of a years-long journey
in search for pure taste and aroma of the bouquet-rich wine.
The sophistication of the technological solution 
provides even the tempted aficionados of the finest wines with an exquisite experience!

Blutul gives an unconventional view of the traditional wine
and an elegant flavor for a healthy and classy life.
Let it be your good habit!

ENBIO oHG continues to explore the edges of the wine tastes to create new products. 

We produce wines and more...